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Game-changingĀ Zone performance training forĀ consistency, focus and winning in trap, skeet, sporting clays and other target sports



"Bob Palmer has worked with the elite shooters of my Youth Development Shotgun Team. Not only was there a remarkable transformation of the individual shooters, but also a strong team bonding. "

Former US Olympic Shooting Coach

The SportExcel Zone formula is used by thousands of athletes around the world for winning in their sport

Ever dream of turning on a switch on your mental game and instantly being in your Zone and shooting trap, skeet, sporting clays or other shooting sports with passion, excitement and skill every time?

Intuitively you know the mental game should be this easy, because, like most of us, you have experienced moments of the Zone in your game.

No thoughts, no self-talk and no affirmations—and certainly no assessments.

At SportExcel, we have codified the Zone. Our proven Zone formula, used by thousands of athletes from around the world to win in their sport, is an innovative and cutting-edge system, where you learn the most powerful tools in the high-performance world to empower you and shape your game for success. This is an educational and ecological approach to high-performance.

Turn on the Zone switch and perform!


Courses for your sport advantage

1-on-1 with Bob Palmer | ZoneQuest Online Course

8 Skype/Zoom training sessions

The SportExcel Zone starting point | Learn the Zone as your sport foundation

Transforming and empowering the athlete

With the SportExcel Ignition Series, participants learn to implement the SportExcel high performance strategies to achieve and sustain a consistently high level of performance with the Zone. And, because there is no need for the time-consuming task of sharing personal information or issues, the training process is fast, and results come quickly. 

Via Skype or Zoom, Bob Palmer takes athletes through a hands-on, strategy-based experience where you learn to:

  • Identify and develop a consistent Zone
  • Wire in goals so they drive you powerfully
  • Quickly model and implement elite skills
  • Resolve intimidation
  • Lead by example
  • Forget mistakes and losses easily
  • Supercharge and adrenalize your game

The eight-session Ignition Series training includes:

One - 45-minute, no-obligation Skype/Zoom training session with Bob Palmer where you learn the Zone (this is the first session in the 8-session program)

Seven - 45-minute, hands-on Skype sessions geared to learning to win

Direct contact with Bob Palmer outside of sessions during the training period to support you in practice and in competition

Follow-up written, audio, and video material via email

Comprehensive PDF program manual

Paperback, eBook, or MP3 download of Bob's book - Mind vs Target 


4 Skype/Zoom training sessions

Prerequisite: Ignition Series | Ideal for strategy reinforcement and competition support

Ongoing athlete support and mentorship

Velocity Series gives athletes peace of mind by knowing that high-performance expert, Bob Palmer, is as close as the cell phone. As athletes develop and build confidence with the SportExcel System, experience shows that they develop much faster by having periodic reviews of the strategies, timely help to move beyond new challenges, and new insights for competition preparation and debriefing.   

Athletes will review and learn specific tools that support:

  • All previous SportExcel training
  • Competition preparation and debriefing
  • Problem-solving strategies
  • Communication strategies
  • Leadership and team synergy strategies
  • On-going development via diagnostic evaluation of skills
  • Session-to-session guidance as required

The four-session Velocity Series training includes:

Four - 45-minute Skype training sessions, or as many as 12 - 15-minute sessions where you will learn and review the tools to support winning

Debriefing at the start of each session

Follow-up written material where required

Direct ongoing contact with trainer Bob Palmer (time zone permitting) during, and for a short period of time after, your training period

Flexible training periods 

Bob has your back when you need it the most

Additional strategies that you’ll use for life


The Zone training system used by shooting sports champions

1-on-1 training and mentorship

Learn the Zone strategies of champions and be empowered in your game with joy, excitement, and skill every time. This is our 1-on-1 coaching with high-performance Zone expert, Bob Palmer where you will receive personal training, support and mentorship to learn how to turn on the Zone switch and perform!


Get the sport advantage

With this program, you will be one of the few who understands the Zone and can sustain it for a whole competition. You’ll learn SportExcel’s Zone formula for creating skillful consistency, removing distractions, building incredible focus, developing resilience, learning new skills quickly and taking leadership.  And not only will you learn to use your Zone to win, but you’ll have a lot more fun in the process. 


For competitive athletes at all levels

The SportExcel formula has been taught by Bob for more than 25 years and some of the world's best athletes have benefited from his training. Whether you are a competitive amateur, professional or Olympic athlete, book our no-obligation, intro session and achieve the first step to learn how to win—the Zone.


Your Zone Expert - Bob Palmer

SportExcel Founder | CEO | High-Performance Expert | Mentor

Welcome to the SportExcel high-performance world for shooters in all shooting disciplines - from trap, skeet and sporting clays, to rifle and pistol events. 

Whether you are a professional shooter looking to hone your Zone skills, a parent of an aspiring youth shooter, an executive athlete, an athlete or a coach, this is the right place for you to be. 

I created SportExcel 25 years ago because I discovered a better way to help athletes create more mental consistency, resiliency and fun in their sport. I unlocked the code of the successful athlete’s mind—the code of the Zone—so that anyone can use my formula for the Zone like a pro.  And, after working with thousands of athletes in more than 30 different sports, at all levels of expertise, their success in competition is the proof that the formula works.

The mission of SportExcel is to teach you to simply and quickly ignite the Zone in order to move forward in your game—dramatically. SportExcel offers high-performance training for today’s modern athlete. No assessments, no discussion about your sport or life problems, just a straightforward, proven training formula to get you the Zone for winning results.

— Bob Palmer, SportExcel Founder, CEO and High-Performance Trainer


"The SportExcel System ties together my equipment, training and skills. It is the ignition to the machine."

ā€”JOHN PETTIBONE, Lawyer and Competitive trap shooter

"Amanda Elsenboss recently won the Tompkins Trophy for the overall winner of the NRA Long Range Championships, and the Leech Cup and Mustin Trophy, which were both iron sight matches that were a part of the national championships. She has had a dominant year! "

Athlete spotlight: Amanda Elsenboss

Some of our trusted partners and clients

Other training options for your high-performance game

Learn from the high-performance expert who has worked with the world's best athletes

Learn to lead with powerful and dynamic strategies to ensure your team of athletes and coaches get into the Zone and mentally stay there, all game, every game. Online course via Skype.  


Zone Family Training is for parents who want a game-changer for their teen athlete’s sport. Parents and teens train together with Bob and learn the most powerful tools in the high-performance world for success in sport, school, and work empowerment.  


Bob delivers dynamic, hands-on and empowering clinics around the world, either at your location, via Skype or through our online academy. We will be pleased to provide you with a customized quote based on your group's requirements.  


SportExcel's ZoneQuest Online is an eight-week online video training course that teaches you how to bring your Zone to life for consistency, resiliency and winning in your sport.  


Test-drive the SportExcel high-performance System with a no-obligation first training session of our Ignition Series

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Test-drive the first session  

Test-drive the SportExcel high-performance System with a no-obligation, 45-minute first training session of our 1-on-1 Skype training series.