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Meet Bob Palmer

SportExcel Founder, CEO and Zone expert for athletes, leaders, and coaches in trap, skeet, sporting clays and other target sports


"I consider the SportExcel system to be my most valuable competition asset.  
It is better than any equipment or technique that I have.  

The system ties together my equipment, training and my skills.
It is the ignition to the machine."


— JOHN PETTIBONE, Competitive Trap Shooter

Learn from the Zone expert who has worked with the world's best athletes

I’ve been where you are now.  

That’s why I created SportExcel.

I was an aspiring athlete and I passionately drove myself to be the best, but my mental game was lousy. Zero confidence; 150 percent nerves.

As a youth, I had rare moments of effortless, breathtaking Zone performances. But as an adult, in my competitive game, I didn’t know where to start or how to rediscover that Zone.

I just wanted to focus on winning and the mental skills required to achieve it, right along with technical training. But the books I found on the subject gave me no direction as to the specific steps on attaining the Zone.

You might be thinking, “See a psychologist!” But psychology was expensive and I didn’t want to spend the money on an open-ended series of talk therapy sessions that preferred to talk about my problems instead of teaching me how to win. I wanted a coach, not a couch.

I felt alone, frustrated, and desperately wanted help and direction, and by sheer luck, while I was swimming laps at the community pool one day, I met someone who would become a friend and mentor. And once he gave me the direction that I was seeking, I was able to start making quick progress.

It’s no secret that mental game training is filled with misconceptions".

           “Who do you listen too?” 
           “Are they providing strategies that work or just interesting reading material?”
           "Do I really need to talk about my problems or is there another way?
           “What’s the best value - a step-by-step clinic style of training or a textbook style?”
           “Do I need a mental trainer or can I do it myself?

Trying to become a great athlete was challenging enough… and I was now on a mission to learn the mental game and was spending much more time asking questions of champions in my club. 

I became a careful observer of how they prepared and competed.

…discovered the most powerful tools in the high-performance world that fixed what was stopping me

…used my professional background in systems and education to create new rules and simple workable steps

…used my body as a laboratory to test it out

I kept moving forward—and started to win competitions—and pieced together my professional education, my sport training, and my learning from role models and from my mentors. It cost me a lot more pain from losing than it needed to and took far too long.

But it all paid off.

Welcome to the SportExcel high-performance world for athletes in all clay target and other sport disciplines from trap, skeet and sporting clays, to rifle and pistol events. Any shooting sports discipline works with the SportExcel System. If you want to learn the Zone for your game, we are your go-to Zone performance trainers!

Whether you are a professional looking to hone your Zone skills, a parent of an aspiring youth athlete, an executive athlete, an athlete or a coach, this is the right place for you to be. 

I created SportExcel 25 years ago because I discovered a better way to help athletes create more mental consistency, resiliency and fun in their sport. I unlocked the code of the successful athlete’s mind—the code of the Zone—so that anyone can use my formula for the Zone like a pro.  And, after working with thousands of athletes in trap, skeet, sporting clays and other target sports, at all levels of expertise, their success in competition is the proof that the formula works (check our Instagram page).

SportExcel teaches you to simply and quickly ignite the Zone in order to move forward in your game—dramatically. It's Zone performance training for today’s modern athlete. No assessments, no discussion about your sport or life problems, just a straightforward, proven training formula to get you the Zone for winning results.

— Bob Palmer, SportExcel Founder, CEO and High-Performance Trainer


Learn from the Zone expert who has worked with the world's best athletes  

Bob Palmer, Sportexcel Founder, CEO and Zone Performance Expert


  — High-Performance Trainer for the US Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) and USA Shooting

— Trainer of champions, elite teams, coaches and leaders on six continents

— SportExcel athletes consistently reach the podium in competitions

— Published author of Mind vs Target 

Regular contributor to shooting sports magazines  

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Meet our team

Bob Palmer, BES, BEd | Caron Palmer, MSc | Jessica Zelinka, MMIE

Bob Palmer, BES, BEd

SportExcel CEO | Founder | High-Performance Expert | Mentor of Champions| Strategist

Many years ago, I had the taste of the Zone in youth sports and it was fun to be in, though much too infrequent. Intuitively I knew it should be the norm. So, post-college degree, enroute to my 4th degree black belt in competitive karate, I figured it out and the SportExcel System was born. Since then, I’ve helped competitive athletes become the best in class and in the world. I’m married to my dynamic partner in SportExcel, Caron, and have four wonderful adult children who have equally wonderful spouses, and two new grandchildren!  

Caron Palmer, MSc

SportExcel Managing Partner | Product Development | Partnership Management

With a history of founding and leading five organizations, my role with SportExcel includes partnership development, product development and promotion. I am the go-to person at SportExcel for anything innovative and challenging within the realm of technology, marketing, and creative development! Photography and travel are my twin passions, and I can often be found travelling the world with Bob, while also enjoying athletic activities ranging from windsurfing and swimming, to cycling and yoga!

Jessica Zelinka, MMIE

SportExcel Certified High-Performance Practitioner | Olympian | Athletic Coach 

You may best recognize me as a two-time Olympian in the sport of track & field.  I’m excited to share my experience and knowledge, now as a SportExcel-certified coach and mentor!  My mission is to find innovative ways to address the needs of athletes in the world of sport, health and well-being, as I continue to grow and evolve as an athlete, mental trainer with SportExcel, and track & field coach. 


This is how many of Bob’s athletes describe his SportExcel Zone performance system, as they gain incredible confidence and a measureable advantage over their competition.

But the secret is out and you too can have the same practical formula for winning.

SportExcel's empowering formula is one of the most important gifts you'll ever give to yourself, your athletes or your children. And for young athletes, the window to become successful is very short. A one-time investment in the mental game teaches you how to:

Become an expert in managing your Zone. 

Build incredible focus, skillfulness, and influence. 

Learn to be consistent and win.

Have more fun in your game!  

And it takes more than just talk; it takes a Zone high-performance formula—the SportExcel formula.



Here’s why we think our Zone performance training is different, and a game-changer...

Here are some of the top reasons why we think you’ll benefit from SportExcel’s training for leaders and coaches:

1) Train with the best. Bob has worked with leaders, coaches and athletes in more than 30 sports for 25 years, including top shooters and coaches in the world. His athletes dominate in competition.

2) Learn the Zone. You’ll learn the Zone in the first session, which also means that you’ll likely start to perform better even after only one session.

3) Energized, fun training sessions. Every session is 95% Zone adrenalized and you will be energized beyond belief.

4) Strategies to become your own expert. Everything that pulls you out of the Zone will be handled by a tool or strategy with no need to talk about it.

5) Outcome-driven. You will learn specific  tools to ensure you get into the Zone and mentally stay there, all game, every game. 

6) Leadership-specific skills. You will learn specific tools to empower your empower yourself which in turn exploits the weaknesses of your opponents. 

7) Meeting and training support. We provide extra pump-up talks to keep you on track, if, and when required throughout the course of your 1-on-1 mentorship with Bob.

8) Impact all areas of your life. Your new skills for your sport cannot be contained to just one area of life – they are also transferrable to work, education and other areas of your life.

Learn SportExcel's proven and innovative Zone formula with the most powerful mental tools in the high-performance world to empower you and shape your game for success.

You learn extraordinary, game-changing strategies that we have developed over 25 years of working with some of the world’s best athletes. 

Bob Palmer has decoded the strategies used by pros to win. You'll work with the best high-performance experts to guide your Zone performance training.

SportExcel’s innovative Zone training performance ystem has been carefully crafted to deliver a personalized training experience like no other. Learn how to become your own expert for dealing with the demands of the game, with strategies unlike any other program.

SportExcel makes mental training an enjoyable process. It's not psychology, nor is it hypnosis or therapy. We get you adrenalized and excited about your game and teach you how to build on that energy consistently!

SportExcel's 1-on-1 training via Skype with Bob Palmer puts you within our reach from anywhere in the world. Get short, powerful pre-competition pep talks or post-competition debriefings as part of your 1-on-1 training with us. We have your back!

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