Meet Bob Palmer


B.Ed. (Brock University)

B.E.S. (University of Waterloo)

Entrepreneur and coach

High-performance expert

Trainer and mentor of champions 

Best-selling author of Mind vs Target

Sports magazine columnist


How it all started


Like most young athletes Bob struggled to find the elusive Zone. But with his fierce determination, world-class mentors, education and science/ system-based degrees, plus lots of setbacks and bruises, Bob finally figured it out in the martial arts.


And he realized the magnitude of the Zone—for the first time in the world of sport, that the Zone was available to anyone in any sport—athlete, coach, leader.

Providing a pathway for good athletes to become great


Bob’s formula for the Zone immediately found acceptance at the Olympic level with a gold-medal performance in skeet and was soon followed by many other podium performances in clays and other target sports.


The SportExcel high-performance system can now be found at all levels of sport, education, and business, on six continents, providing pathways to:

  • Competitive recreational championships

  • Youth athletic development

  • NCAA / U SPORTS scholarships

  • The Olympic podium

  •  Professional contracts

  • High-performance business leadership    


Science-driven and system-based programs


Bob is the best-selling author of Mind vs Target, and is the creator of ZoneQuest (online video course for clays), a high-performance formula that gets you beyond your limitations.


Science-driven and systems-based, the formula puts you on a pathway for achieving your dreams with strategies that deliver a consistent Zone and, ultimately, the advantage - in sport, school, and life.


"Bob Palmer has worked with the elite shooters of my Youth Development Shotgun Team. Not only was there a remarkable transformation of the individual shooters, but also a strong team bonding."

LES GREEVY, USA Shooting, Olympic Shooting Coach of the Year 2004

Empowering, dynamic change


Bob’s coaching creates a culture of high performance that is empowering for everyone, from leadership down to athletes and their parents.


Sport and business leaders seek him out for dynamic change, decisiveness, and insight. 


With Bob's coaching and mentorship, businesses thrive, Olympic organizations win and competitive teams, such as a high-performance unit in the US Army, become dominant.  



On a mission to make high performance affordable and accessible around the world


Bob is a proud father of four and is also a passionate philanthropist. He has provided coaching and mentorship to athletes and coaches in developing countries who cannot afford high performance for their sport.



"When you acquire and sustain the Zone, you can create magic in your sport, school, work and life.” 


Bob Palmer


Featured posts by Bob Palmer


Coaching the Olympian way

Two-time Olympian, Don Kwasnycia, talks with Bob Palmer about how his experience as an Olympic competitor shaped him for his current role as the head skeet coach for the Canadian Shooting Federation


When winning is your career

In this episode of ZoneTalk, Bob Palmer talks with Staff Sergeant Amanda Elsenboss.  it was Amanda’s job to win in individual events or as a part of her team. She speaks about her strategies for staying in the Zone during competitions and for coaching both soldiers and civilian athletes. 


Lots of advice but it's not working!

In Bob's "Ask Bob" series, he received this question from Duncan in Phoenix, Arizona. Here is Duncan's question regarding well-meaning advice from others:

Hi Bob. Everyone at the club gives me advice. Why isn't it working?

Read Bob's answer with some strategies to deal with unwanted advice.


Bob's athletes have won Olympic medals, hundreds of international, national and competitive, recreational championships and all manner of development-level sport victories. 

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