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The high-performance formula for winning that generates consistency and focus in your shooting game (trap, skeet, sporting clays and other target sports)

Ever dream of instantly being in the Zone, where you perform with absolute focus and consistency every time you step onto the range?

Your shooting game could be this easy, because the Zone is the starting point for every athlete in our ZoneQuest program

Hi, I'm Bob Palmer, founder and CEO of SportExcel and the ZoneQuest high-performance formula for winning. If you are a parent of an aspiring youth athlete, an athlete looking for an athletic scholarship, an executive athlete, a recreational athlete, a professional looking to hone your mental skills or a coach who wants to inspire, we are your go-to, high-performance trainers!  

I created SportExcel 25 years ago because I discovered a better way to help athletes create more mental consistency, resiliency, focus and fun in their sport. I unlocked the code of the successful athlete’s mind—the code of the Zone—so that anyone can use my formula to win.

And, after working with thousands of athletes and coaches in trap, skeet, sporting clays and multiple other target sports, their success in competition is the proof that our formula works (check our Instagram page).

With the ZoneQuest Online Video Series, you get the formula, with the same dynamic strategies found in my 1-on-1 Skype virtual training. In just eight weeks (ten modules and 62 videos) you quickly build focus and consistency in your game with specific skills designed to ignite your Zone. 

The SportExcel Zone formula is for today’s modern athletes and coaches who don’t want to talk, be assessed or dwell on problems—and just want to win.  It’s a straightforward and proven formula for winning, and the advantage you get is huge.



"Bob's coaching propelled me from B to AA class in a single skeet shooting season. I shot 100s in all the guns including the .410 and ended the season by being runner up at the state championship. Get ZoneQuest…confidence and consistency in your game will improve, and your scores will improve. "

Skeet Shooter

"I consider the SportExcel system to be my most valuable competition asset. It is better than any equipment or technique that I have. The system ties together my equipment, training and my skills. It is the ignition to the machine. "

Competitive Trap Shooter

"As a retired US Navy SEAL and athlete, who has been able to get to the highest levels that my physical ability could take me in many sports, I will tell you that what Bob is teaching is what you have been seeking. It's a lot of fun!"

Retired US Navy Seal, Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Neuromuscular Therapist, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

"I have worked with Bob in the past and have had such extreme results, I was curious to see how this could translate to a video version of ZoneQuest and duplicate the outstanding work we accomplished together. His coaching style is so unique and personable, and to no surprise, Zone Quest exceeded my expectations duplicated that magic in a whole new way! Experiencing Bob's presence radiates and shines through the screen through each module. This gave me the reboot and kickstart into my education and career path I needed."

Job TitleFormer professional snowboarder (Burton) retired | Performer and songwriter

"Once again, thanks for the excellent course! I learned a number of new techniques and it really cemented in the core principles of your program. Bottom line, I have harnessed the Zone in tournaments and my scores have improved!"

Competitive executive athlete - clay target sports

Your trainer is Bob Palmer, the Zone expert who has worked with the world's best athletes 


  • High-Performance Trainer for the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) and USA Shooting athletes
  • Trainer of champions, elite teams, coaches and leaders on six continents
  • SportExcel athletes consistently reach the podium in competitions
  • Author of Mind vs Target 
  • Regular contributor to shooting sports magazines  

What you'll learn in the ZoneQuest online video training course

ZoneQuest takes you by the hand and teaches you the formula for driving your high-performance machine (body) to the podium.

You’ll learn SportExcel’s Zone formula for creating skillful consistency, removing distractions, building incredible focus, developing resilience, learning new skills quickly and taking leadership. And not only will you learn to use your Zone to win, but you’ll have a lot more fun in the process. 

I’ve designed ZoneQuest to be spread out over the course of eight weeks (a new module gets released to you each week), to give you time in between modules to practice your heart out and test the ZoneQuest tools in your sport. You’ll get ten modules with over 62 dynamic videos with me teaching you the SportExcel Zone strategies.

Click on each module link below to find out what you will learn:

Welcome to the SportExcel ZoneQuest, where in just eight weeks you will learn to unlock the power of your mind for more consistency, focus, resiliency, enjoyment and winning in your sport.

This module outlines how to use ZoneQuest to its fullest extent, introduces you to world-renowned high-performance trainer and founder, Bob Palmer, and outlines your next steps to achieving your sport Zone. 

In Module 2 you will install the core of the SportExcel System—the Zone—for your most consistent and inspirational game ever.

Now that you have your Zone, you need to know where it will take you—your OUTCOME of winning—which is simply a goal that is enhanced until it feels amazingly confident—the OUTCOME for every competition.

This module explores the very important feedback and guidance you get from the bad and ugly parts of your game—the No-Zone. It prepares you to take action in order to reset and stay in the ZoneQuest game of learning how to win.

This module begins the development of the powerful ZoneQuest high-performance strategies that will allow you to fix the things that pull you out of your Zone, so you get back in your game. 

Having a powerful physiology (posture) reinforces your ability to stay in your Zone. Three more strategies will help you to build a dynamic physiology in order to resolve the bad and ugly parts of your game.

This ZoneQuest module further supports and empowers your Zone by positively changing your perspective of distracting things and difficult people in order to stay focused in all areas of your sport and life.

In this Module, you learn strategies for developing consistency by managing effective adrenaline levels—before, during and after your game. 

This module continues your quest by bringing all you have learned in ZoneQuest together as a system. A very clever exercise demonstrates how your high-performance mind works and allows you to push your competitive limits even further.

This last ZoneQuest Module is all about YOU in your quest for winning. It encourages and empowers you to take charge as a self-starter and a leader.

Ready to learn how to win with ZoneQuest?

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Four key reasons

Why ZoneQuest is the BEST WAY to kickstart your high-performance training for winning


62 videos taught by the BEST Zone trainer in sport high-performance

High-performance trainer Bob Palmer personally presents all the strategies in every ZoneQuest video. This is not a PowerPoint presentation!

Bob delivers his dynamic formula for winning that he has been teaching youth development, amateur, Olympic and professional athletes for 25 years.

You’ll learn this step-by-step formula from the best-high performance trainer. Because, if you want to become the best, you need to learn from the best.

Check out our Instagram account for posts on some of the recent SportExcel winners!


Training for every skill and athletic level—from amateur to Olympian and  pro

Whether you’re a talented athlete looking to make the cut, a professional or Olympian looking to get back to a level of consistency after an injury, or a coach of a team that is underperforming, you’ll fit right in.

From the basics to advanced, amateur to professional, our formula will accelerate your skills at YOUR level and fill in the gaps of your mental game so you can begin to learn how to win and get noticed.         

ZoneQuest encourages you to create unrealistic dreams because the vast majority of athletes have little knowledge of what the Zone is and how it can dramatically affect their game. After learning the strategies of ZoneQuest, you'll experience it!


Perform the way you've dreamed of.

ZoneQuest is designed to walk you toward success every step of the way. Module by module, you are served up a Zone formula for winning through five to eight-minute long videos with powerful exercises that you can apply immediately to your game. No attempt is ever made to assess you or try to uncover your past. 

You’ll be guided to implement tools that will adrenalize and enhance your game NOW and work toward your vision for the future. You will learn how to make goals feel doable and explode the mental blocks that are getting in the way. 


It makes learning to win easy-to-understand, dynamic and fun

Having access to 60+ videos all at once is great, but there’s one problem commonly experienced by most athletes, and that’s trying to stay focused on the task of winning with so much information.

This is why we have structured ZoneQuest as a weekly “drip” process. You get one module each week over the course of eight weeks that will guide you through ZoneQuest, module by module. This prevents you from moving too quickly through the course material and keeps you from being overwhelmed.

Our step-by-step formula keeps you on track at the optimum rate of learning, where you can learn, and practice, the ZoneQuest tools in your practice sessions and games for a whole week before receiving the next module.

$497 USD

ZoneQuest Online includes:

  1. Eight-week course for winning 
  2. Ten powerful training modules
  3. 62 dynamic videos 
  4. PDF downloads
  5. Bonus: Mind vs Target, in MP3 audio format 
  6. Bonus: ZoneQuest Community forum


Get started with zero risk...

At SportExcel, I offer what is arguably the most innovative Zone training in the high-performance world. I stand behind my training and back it up with a risk-free guarantee.

Within the first ten days of starting ZoneQuest, you will have received almost one-third of the training videos revealing the powerful strategies of champions. After watching this third of the course, practicing the new strategies and applying these strategies to your game, you should have a personal ‘lightbulb or aha moment’ of having learned something new. If not, I will do whatever it takes to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your training course or refund what you paid. Just send me an email to: support@sportexcel.ca. 

Note: To be fair to me, refunds are not eligible after this ten-day trial period as I will have delivered valuable training strategies and a complimentary copy of my book to you by that point.

Get started on your ZoneQuest

Eight-week Zone formula training course

Ten modules | 62 videos | Complimentary MP3 book | Community forum

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