"Mind vs Target"

It's the "secret weapon" you'll use every time you pull the trigger

Prepare for the podium

ZoneQuest takes you to what you want to be—a tireless top performer and leader

Let's face it. Your game can be a major source of frustration—choking, distractions, nerves, frustrations and defeats. But it should be fun—all of the time. 

That’s why Bob created ZoneQuest. It all started on the floor of a karate dojo, grew into a one-to-one program and is NOW this video version—ZoneQuest. And it's all based on his 25 years of giving shooters, coaches and leaders the right strategies to get them to the podium.

ZoneQuest gives you the pathway to being a champion. The program arrives in three levels, and you get 63 dynamic videos with tools, strategies and empowering tips to up-level your game—with bonus support from Bob’s book—Mind vs Target, and extra bonus support with the Knowledge Locker resource library. 

When you need your game to be focused, consistent and fun, this is your program; it is your System; it is your ZoneQuest.


Finally, the means to reach your dreams

ZoneQuest blends well with your technical training to help you stay focused and block out distractions. And with its incredibly low price, it's likely less than the cost of most items of your equipment. 

Improve your game today!

"The SportExcel ZoneQuest formula ties together my equipment, my training and skills. It is the ignition to the machine."

— JOHN PETTIBONE, Competitive shooter

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Your ZoneQuest training program includes:


Here's what you learn in each level


Foundation for winning

You get 12 months of access to Level 1: Zone Code with 20 dynamic, game-improving training videos.

Module 1 – Introduction and roadmap for up-leveling your game.

Module 2 – Identifying and firing up your Zone for an immediate and consistent performance boost.

Module 3 – Dynamic strategies for long-term increases in adrenaline, strength, and power.

Module 4 – Resiliency (fast recovery) by using your mistakes and losses to help you to win.


Game-Changing Strategies of Champions

In this level, you develop a toolkit of strategies to fix the things that frustrate you and pull you out of your Zone.

Module 5 – Strategies to forget mistakes, copy the skills of champions and start the development of your 24/7 Zone default.

Module 6 – Strategies for dominant play with a commanding posture to ensure you manage and maintain your Zone in the pre-competition, in-competition, and post-competition.

Module 7 – Strategies to make targets look bigger and easier to hit, and strategies to make opponents look smaller. Plus additional strategies to deal with the stress of squadmates, spectators, coaches, and parents.


Resilient and Consistent Performance   

You develop your never-quit system in this level, over the course of the 24 dynamic videos in three modules.

Module 8 – Manage your adrenaline level leading up to, during, and after a competition—without power drinks!

Module 9 – Apply the system with your dynamic Zone to make it your 24/7 default.

Module 10 – Demonstrate how to win by taking leadership 


Begin up-levelling your game now! 

Select from one of our three ZoneQuest training options below

$59.99 USD

Pay 3 low monthly installments and get your training materials over three months (year-long course access)

Here's what you receive:

  • Level 1: Zone Code (four modules and 20 videos delivered immediately)
  • Level 2: Strategy Code (three modules and 19 videos delivered at the beginning of month two)
    • Level 2 - Bonus: Mind vs Target (MP3)
  • Level 3:  Action Code (three modules and 24 videos delivered at the beginning of month 3)
    • Level 3 - Bonus: Knowledge Locker resource library 
  • Year-long access to the course materials (based on the start date of Level 1)
  • PDF downloads of each module
  • Cancel anytime prior to your next level


3 monthly installments

$147 USD

Save 21% - Pay the entire year in advance, get immediate year-long access to all course materials and bonuses!

With immediate year-long access, here is what your receive (3 levels plus the bonuses):

  • Level 1 - Zone Code (four modules and 20 videos)
  • Level 2 - Strategy Code (three modules and 19 videos)
  • Level 3 - Action Code  (three modules and 24 videos)
  • Bonuses:
    • Mind vs Target MP3
    • Knowledge Locker resource library
    • PDF downloads of each module


Annual plan - Save 21%

$647 USD

ZoneQuest Max: Hybrid program with the Annual Plan, plus deep dives into the strategies with BOB PALMER 

Here's what you receive:

  • The Annual Plan -  60 dynamic videos and all bonuses for 1 year
  • 3, 45-minute training sessions via Zoom or Skype with Bob Palmer, one after each ZoneQuest level  
  • 3 - 15 minute high-intensity training sessions for competition prep, emergency support and debriefing to help you to sustain your high-performance game
ZoneQuest Max: Hybrid of ZoneQuest and Bob Palmer

"The knowledge that I have gained from him has helped me achieve my ultimate dream."



Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, International Skeet Coach

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