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Join thousands of athletes in trap, skeet, sporting clays, and other shooting sports, who have gotten their game on track fast with Bob Palmer’s Zone performance system for winning.



Meet Bob Palmer, SportExcel CEO and Zone Performance Expert


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Introducing ZoneQuest - Bob's new online course for winning, and Mente Vs. Plato - the Spanish version of Mind vs Target - now in eBook

In just eight weeks, learn Bob Palmer's step-by-step formula for winning in your sport 

I'll teach you step-by-step how to bring your Zone to life and how to win. Over the course of eights weeks, ten modules and 62 videos, you'll get Bob's steps for building consistency, resiliency, focus and fun in your sport. Learn the system that champions around the world have used for winning in their sport.


Mente Vs. Plato - eBook

Seis Pasos para Ganar en el Ámbito Mental del Tiro al Plato

El muy aclamado sistema SportExcel es un modo revolucionario de ganar, y está cambiando la manera en que los competidores en el deporte del tiro al plato abordan el juego en Norteamérica y por todas partes del mundo. Con el sistema progresivo fácil de leer y entender elaborado por Bob Palmer, aprenderás a reconocer y activar la Zona, ver el plato claramente, eliminar las distracciones, y olvidar las malas rondas rápidamente.


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With our proven Zone performance formula you learn the most powerful tools in the the high-performance world to empower you and shape your game for success.


Learn from Bob Palmer, the Zone performance expert who has worked with the world's best athletes, coaches and leaders

SportExcel Zone performance trainer | Mentor of champions

The founder and CEO of SportExcel Inc., Bob Palmer is the world’s most experienced and successful high-performance Zone trainer for the shooting sports, reaching shooters and coaches around the world via Skype.

Bob’s sole outcome, as a high-performance Zone expert is to equip you with the SportExcel Zone training strategies so that you perform consistently in the Zone for winning results.

He is contracted as the high-performance trainer of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, works with Olympic Shotgun, IR and Pistol, and trains NSSA-NSCA and ATA recreational shooters.  He works worldwide via Skype—including in North America, Europe, Australia, India and Africa.  Bob also has a multisport division that works with over 30 different sports.


"The knowledge that I have gained from Bob has helped me achieve my ultimate dream."

Two-time Olympic gold medalist, International Skeet

Some of our valued partners and past clients

In just eight weeks, Bob Palmer teaches you how to take leadership of your sport and make your game fun. You'll learn the Zone, build consistency, create life-long momentum, acquire sport-specific skills quickly, and learn how to win!


Zone training for leaders, athletes, coaches and parents of teen athletes

1-on-1 with Bob Palmer | ZoneQuest Online video training course | Clinics via Skype or at your location

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Books by Bob Palmer

Available in paperback, audio CD, MP3, USB and eBook

Paperback and e-Book

Bob's book - Mind vs Target, has sold thousands of copies around the world. It is written for athletes, coaches, sport leaders and parents in the shooting sports. Now available in Spanish in eBook format!


Audio Book, MP3 & USB

Bob's popular book, Mind vs Target, for the shooting sports, is now available in a 4-CD audio book as well as an MP3 download or USB. It is ideal for brushing up on the strategies on the way to competitions.


Paperback and e-Book

A Mind to Win is the multi-sport version of Mind vs Target . It is specifically written for athletes, coaches, sport leaders and parents in all other sports. We've got all sports covered for your family and friends!


"Bob's book gives all athletes the same great system that I learned from him. Every pro or aspiring athlete can benefit from learning it - for sport, work, school and life."

Three-time Olympian, Gold and Silver Medalist and X-Games Medalist - Snowboarding

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