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Zone Clinics

Game-changing training for your squad, team or group for dominating in trap, skeet, sporting clays and other target sports


SportExcel delivers dynamic Zone performance clinics worldwide for teams, organizations and clubs in trap, skeet, sporting clays and other target sports

Group Skype clinics | At your location | ZoneQuest Online


Learn from the Zone performance expert who has worked with the world's best athletes and coaches around the globe

What your group will learn in SportExcel's Mind vs Target clinic

Bob Palmer delivers dynamic, hands-on and empowering clinics around the world, via Skype for your group, at your location, or through our online video training program - ZoneQuest.

SportExcel's Mind vs Target Clinic gives you an introduction to Zone high-performance, where you are taught how to:  

  • Turn the Zone on at 100% capacity
  • Eliminate frustration and rekindle fun
  • Engage the tools to block out noise, background and irritating people
  • Accelerate the learning of new technical skills 
  • Forget past disasters easily
  • Manage adrenaline as a means for perfect stability

And...just getting the fun and winning back into your game! Check out our clinic options below.

Option 1: Economical group Skype/Zoom clinic from anywhere in the world 

For collegiate, high school, Olympic and other target sports teams

Bob Palmer has revolutionized high-performance and online Skype training for athletes and coaches. Your group will learn how to win by building incredible focus, modeling Olympians and pros, developing awareness strategies and fixing virtually any distraction. And the training program is fun. As a group, Bob Palmer will teach you how to:

  • Identify your ZONE and make it your normal way performing
  • Fix bothersome distractions such as noise, background and people
  • Develop new skills quickly by copying great athletes
  • Easily forget embarrassments, losses, mistakes, collapses etc.
  • Build high levels of consistent adrenaline
  • Build team chemistry and cohesiveness
  • Develop leaders

"The SportExcel System ties together my equipment, training and skills. It is the ignition to the machine."

—JOHN PETTIBONE, Lawyer and Competitive trap shooter

Option 2: ZoneQuest - video training course

For clubs, teams and school groups who prefer a self-paced, online training format with a special group rate

Learn the most powerful tools in the high-performance world, with our athlete-tested and proven ZoneQuest formula, that empowers you and shapes your sport for success. ZoneQuest online is modelled on Bob's 1-on-1 online program. It lets you train at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home or clubhouse. You will develop the tools for consistency, dramatic skill development, motivational leadership and overall fun.

What you'll get with ZoneQuest:

  • Year-long access to ten modules with 63 training videos
  • PDF download for each module
  • SportExcelZone athlete forum
  • MP3 download of Bob's book - Mind vs Target 
  • Year-long access to Bob's articles, videos and podcasts

Your Zone expert and trainer

Bob Palmer, SportExcel CEO | High-Performance Expert

These are just some of the words used by athletes who have taken Bob Palmer's training clinics.

Bob is the founder and CEO of SportExcel Inc.,and is the world’s most experienced and successful Zone performance trainer for trap, skeet, sporting clays and other target sports.

His passion is to make Zone high-performance accessible to all athletes and to help empower them to realize their dream, no matter what that dream might be.

Bob works with competitive amateur, professional and Olympic level athletes in all shooting disciplines - Trap, skeet, 3-gun, international, pistol, sporting clays to shotgun and more. He is also a regular contributor to Trap and Field Magazine and is the author of Mind vs Target.


Additional training options

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Learn from the high-performance expert who has worked with the world's best shooters.

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